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We are more than happy to  serve you with authentic Darjeeling cuisine. Make us to serve you to feel the taste on your mouth.

Darjeeling MoMo

Like other Bhutanese, Chef Ratna Hang Subba at the age of 7, fled from Bhutan with his mother and sisters in 1992. After living almost for two decadess in the refugee camp, in Nepal, he finally arrived at Boise Downtown on the 8th of November 2012. His inbuilt skill in cooking forefront him to his first job as a chef. He began his cooking for the momo-Dumplings restaurant in Meridian. Struggling through many circumstances and hardships, Ratna has decided to open a restaurant at Boise Downtown as his final goal.

Darjeeling Momo, a family restaurant now providing you with delicious dumplings/momo, kebab and chowmein garnished with love and the essence of hills.

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All foods are served with choice of pickles.

Large Dumplings

Vegetable Chowmein

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They All Are Fond Of Our Food

Below are the testimonials of of our beloved customers.

"Most amazing Momo I ever had!!"
- Ashish Magar